Smart IT resource management and budgeting

You run your team.
We help you manage your budget.

GriffinPlan helps IT Directors manage, analyze, and forecast their team in one place.

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You're an IT Director with a lot on your plate

Let us help you manage your development budgets while you concentrate on running and growing your portfolios.

Unlock the opportunities in your IT department by understanding where are you today and where you could be tomorrow.

Reflect on the past

  • Analyze a team's activity
  • Identify active projects
  • Determine portfolio rates

Understand the present

  • Manage contract expenses
  • Reconcile timesheets to GL
  • Update prioritized plans

Plan for the future

  • Forecast resource costs
  • Track department budgets
  • Act on data-driven insights

“A tool like GriffinPlan, that provides smart resource management and budgeting for IT departments, would have saved me so much time and helped us better allocate our team.”

Dan Thompson, PMP, CSM, Project Manager

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Recent Posts

New features released (March 2019)

There is always something new being developed here at GriffinPlan. In this release, we have the following:

  • Ability to add programs and link projects to them, along with adding vendors and linking people to them (for contractors or temporary help)
  • Additional reporting features to group by program and vendor
  • Features to transition reporting periods from being in the future to being forecasted to having actuals available to finally being archived as prior periods.

A spreadsheet, but better, for your program budgets

This tweet reminded me that we had a similar thought when we were planning the original version of what has become GriffinPlan. Our existing tools did not do what we wanted. We were tying together various solutions with twine and duct tape to meet our needs for how projects actually unfold out over time.

Introducing GriffinPlan

GriffinPlan is intended to provide smart IT resource management and budgeting. This would be an integrated version of project portfolio management (PPM) and professional services automation (PSA) capabilities for internal IT departments at mid-sized companies. That is a lot of words that could mean many things, so let me explain. This is work that I have been doing with one company for some time and is informed by work that others are doing elsewhere.